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It’s About That Time: Preparing for the new School Year

Can you believe it! Only a few weeks before the new school year starts. If you are anything like me, perhaps you set lofty goals to accomplish this summer and now that its ending, it’s time to get things in gear for a new school year. LET’S CREATE AN ACTION PLAN!

Organizational Skills Classes

Organizational Skills Classes are designed for both middle and high school students who may have some difficulty with keeping up with their assignments, coping with test anxiety, and managing their time effectively. Each class provides participants with a individualized action plan to be implemented throughout the current school year.


Self-Control and Focus Classes

We know that if kids struggle with controlling impulses and following directions at home and school, this will ultimately impact their academic performance. In our Self-Control and Focus classes, kids and parents will learn strategies for managing behaviors both in the home and school setting.


Career Readiness Classes

Whether you are a student entering the workforce for the first time or someone who is seeking to transition to a new opportunity, being able to “sell” yourself in an interview remains critically important. Learn some important interviewing tips and personal development strategies to help you land your next job!