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Finding My Purpose? A Career Exploration Workshop

Whether a recent high school or college graduate, or someone seeking to make a transition from their current job, finding one’s purpose can be a daunting task. In most cases, gaining clarity regarding one’s purpose starts with gaining clarity and insight into oneself....

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Social Wellbeing-Interpersonal Skill Development

With more time being spent on electronic gadgets, a person’s ability to engage someone else in an effective manner is becoming more and more obsolete. For some people, the task of initiating and sustaining conversation and communication with others can be...

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Preparing for the New School Year

Can you believe it! Only a few weeks before the new school year starts. If you are anything like me, perhaps you set lofty goals to accomplish this summer and now that its ending, it’s time to get things in gear for a new school year. LET'S CREATE AN ACTION PLAN!...

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Parent Cafe

What is a Parent Café’? A Parent Café’ is a concept grounded in the research of the Center for Study of Social Policy (CSSP) and has been implemented through the various Strengthening Families Initiatives throughout the nation. Adapted from the model of a World Café’,...

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Parents-Supporting Your Child in Counseling

All the progress your child has made over these years has been significantly influenced by you as the parent. From the moment when he or she first learned to roll over, take their first steps, or manage their first disappointment, each developmental step was due to...

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Organizational Skills Training

It is often during the middle school years that our tweens and teens are expected to operate more independently. The discrepancy between the expectation of independence and the lack of targeted instruction (i.e. skill building) to facilitate such independence is...

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