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Executive Function: Skills for Life and Learning

Have you observed your child to have significant difficulty in starting his/her homework or if you tell them to wash the dishes, it often takes several hours to complete this simple task? Ever notice how difficult it is to find important school papers given the amount...

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Child-Parent Relationship Training

Are you having difficulty managing the behaviors of your child? Does your child tend to act out versus using his/her words to express thoughts and/or feelings? As a parent, are you left feeling overwhelmed? If so, consider signing up for the Child-Parent Relationship...

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Warrior Wife Series

Whether married, divorced, widowed or aspiring to be married, this series is for you! Learn strategies to navigate and thrive beyond the challenges associated with being a wife! Connect with other women in a safe, relaxed and informative environment. Overview The...

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Mental Health Awareness for Minority Populations

To address disparities in behavioral health care, the National Network to Eliminate Disparities (NNED) in Behavioral Health was formed with support from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in partnership with the National Alliance of...

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