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Career Counseling

Career Counseling

Whether you are a high school student seeking clarification regarding postsecondary planning, a recent college graduate preparing to enter the workforce, in a mid-career slump, an individual with a disability seeking employment, have recently been downsized or thinking about retiring, BMG can help you navigate the uncertainty you may be feeling as you face an unknown future. BMG also offers consultation to organizations and businesses seeking diversity training, management development training and/or organizational dynamics consultation.

To help better understand your strengths and weaknesses, skills and values, motivators and behaviors, BMG’s Career Specialist will personalize a battery of assessment tools that speak to the individual’s career needs. Examples of Career Assessment tools include:

1. Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory
2. Strengths Finder
3. Self-Directed Search
4. Strong Interest Inventory


Such programs include:

Entrepreneur Coaching Program

Building successful business relationships often contains very similar key ingredients such as a marital relationship. The questions of, “How well do I know this person?” Do I like this person? And/or “Can I trust this person?” are often raised during the courting stage of a dating relationship. Such questions are also at the cornerstone of business relationships. To assist in the development and sustainability of successful and profitable business arrangements, Behavioral Management Group, LLC has developed an Entrepreneur Coaching Program.

Components of this program are as follows:
1. Pre-Business Coaching – This form of coaching is particularly helpful for businesses who are considering a joint venture, and/or partnership. Typically, in such situations, most entrepreneurs question if this collaboration will be successful and increase profits. What sometimes fuels such question is the thoughts of “How well do I know this person?” and “Will my profits increase as a result of merging?” Where most business owners focus their attention on profitability and process, BMG strives to help assess and identify the individual dynamics of each entity. As such, each entity/business owner will receive the following:
a. Personality Inventory
b. Stress Tolerance
c. Communication Styles
d. Time Management Assessment


Individual Counseling.

Couples and Family Counseling.

Comprehensive Assessment.

Organizational Skills Training.

Comprehensive Care.