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Health and Wellness

Because of the emphasis placed on the integration of emotional and physical health, BMG strives to work in collaboration with medical professionals, such as psychiatrists, pediatricians, primary care physicians, and other medical specialists, in order to coordinate care for its clients. It is believed that untreated and preventable chronic illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease are exacerbated by lifestyle choices such as inadequate physical activity, poor nutrition, smoking and substance abuse.

Given the interplay of medical illnesses with lifestyle and behavioral choices, a treatment approach encompassing both primary care and behavioral health seems paramount. Integrating mental health, substance abuse, and primary care services is believed to produce very favorable results for caring for people with multiple healthcare needs.

To this point, BMG strives to build a collaborative relationship with the medical provider of each client. Additionally, BMG offers health-wellness programs.

Such programs include:

Health on Purpose

The Health on Purpose with a Plan class is designed to help the client develop clear and intentional ways of approaching their health – on purpose and with a plan! This 8-week out-patient program will teach the “Why?” and the “How?” skills needed to improve behavior that impacts one’s over-all health. Emotional and physical health will be discussed in detail with practical ways to live one’s life on purpose with a plan.

Exercise As A Prescription
Nutrition consultation

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