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Couples and Family Counseling

BMG believes in the importance of incorporating parental involvement in the delivery of behavioral health services for children and adolescents. In an effort to help parents provide the necessary conditions that will cultivate optimal functioning of their children, BMG offers the following support and coaching services to parents.

We help strengthen relationships


Whether a couple is contemplating marriage or whether a couple has been married for several years, BMG recognizes and understands the complexity of two individuals connecting and relating to one another in a harmonious manner. Pre-marital and marital therapy are provided by licensed mental health professionals. BMG professionals will work to identify the communication patterns that are interfering with the healthy functioning of the couple. Appropriate strategies and interventions designed to strengthen the marital bond will be provided

Pre-Martial Counseling

Embarking upon the journey of marriage can result in a myriad of emotions often times ranging from excitement to anxiety. Uniting two individuals representing two very different families of origin, different communication styles and different value sets can be complicated. Through the utilization of formal pre-marital assessment tools, BMG strives to identify the strengths of the pre-marital couple while helping to identify variables that may potentially result in marital conflict.


BMG approaches family therapy by seeking to uncover the negative communication patterns that likely sustain family stress. Typically, in most instances, there is usually no one person responsible for all of the family discord. Rather, while the contribution to family discord may vary, BMG will work to identify the role of each family member. Once this is determined, new methods of responding, behaving and communicating with one another will be encouraged. BMG believes in the value and importance of strengthening families

Single Parents

Whether never married, divorced or widowed, single parenting can be challenging. Particularly, when the single parent has a limited network of support, the role of serving as both parents for a child can often feel overwhelming. Through the collaboration with several resource entities, BMG helps support single parents by not only offering therapeutic services but connecting parents with essential resources that help strengthen the family.

Co-parenting/Blended Family Dynamics

Whenever there has been a change in the family structure due to divorce or remarriage, each family member is likely to be affected. What lessens the impact of these changes is the ability of the adults involved to find a way to operate harmoniously. BMG helps to address the factors that may impede effective communication and devise solutions designed to strengthen interactions.

New Parents

First time parents often have lots of questions about assuming the role of being sole caretaker for a new child. Whether there are general questions about child development or whether there are questions about how to effectively share the responsibility of caring for the new child, new parent coaching can be very helpful

Effective Parent-to-Parent Communication Plan

BMG works with parents to devise an effective communication plan. Such plans are developed based upon the needs of the parents. In an effort to develop evidence-based interventions, once plan is developed, BMG will constantly evaluate the implementation of plan. Necessary adjustments to the plan will be made to promote effectiveness.

Effective Parent-to-Child Communication Plan

Relating to your child at any stage of development can be an interesting process. Communicating with young children can be a very different experience than communicating with a teenaged child. Understanding the most effective ways to interact with your child at each stage of his/her development is at the cornerstone of healthy family communication.

Family Time Management Plan

Long work days and busy after school activities often characterize the average family. Because of the demands on the family, the need for organization and time management is essential. BMG will work with families to devise a solid plan that complements the demands of each family.

Information: Parents and families need to hear more about what they are doing right. The fact is, most parents do a lot right, even though they face a barrage of messages that emphasize what’s wrong with today’s families. That’s why it so important for parents and caregivers to learn about family strengths and how those actions and attitudes really count as they nurture their children.(Source: Search Inst.)