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Self-Control Training for Elementary Students (CPR Therapy)

The primary focus of Child-Parent-Relationship Therapy is on enhancing and strengthening the parent–child relationship by equipping parents with basic development of positive relationships. CPRT is based on the rationale that the relationship between parent and child is the essential and curative therapeutic dimension for improving and correcting children’s problems and preventing the development of future problems.

Who should participate?

This 4-class program is designed for parents of children aged 4-7 years of age. Children who are 4-7 years old should also plan to participate as the skills learned will require the involvement of both the parent and child.

Expected Outcomes

Participants who attend will

1.  A reduction in behavioral issues within the childLearn creative tips for starting and sustaining conversations with others

  1. 2.  More self-confidence and improved self-esteem of the child
  2. 3. Parents will gain a greater understanding and acceptance of the child’s emotional world
  3. 4. Parents will gain a more realistic and tolerant perspective of their child’s behavior

How to Register