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Social Wellbeing-Interpersonal Skills Development

With more time being spent on electronic gadgets, a person’s ability to engage someone else in an effective manner is becoming more and more obsolete. For some people, the task of initiating and sustaining conversation and communication with others can be significantly overwhelming. Such social discomfort can leave people experiencing intense social anxiety. To aid one’s ability to navigate social interactions, this Social Skills Building Class has been created.

Who should participate?

This 4-class program is designed for middle and high school students who experience anxiety in social situations. Learn how to strengthen your social and communication skills. Resources and explanations of simple interventions will also be provided for parents.

Expected Outcomes

Participants who attend will

  • Learn strategies for managing anxiety in social situations
  • Learn creative tips for starting and sustaining conversations with others
  • Have an opportunity to practice social skills in a safe, supportive environment
  • Learn how to accurately gauge and respond to the nonverbal behaviors of other


How to Register