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Whether married, divorced, widowed or aspiring to be married, this series is for you! Learn strategies to navigate and thrive beyond the challenges associated with being a wife! Connect with other women in a safe, relaxed and informative environment.


The Warrior Wife Series, which is based upon The Warrior Wife Handbook written by Dr. Kristina Seymour and Dr. Dawn Allen, is an 8-week online program designed to equip and empower women to navigate the journey of marriage through the incorporation of spiritual principles

This series is based on two key principles: (1) Finding strength through one’s spiritual foundation and (2) Finding strength by connecting with other women who share similar experiences and who can offer support during difficult moments.

This series helps women to become more self-aware and gives them strategies on how to facilitate change within themselves. Such a change often can have a positive impact on the overall functioning of the marriage.

Are you ready to love and be loved as you never have before? The overarching message of this series is to learn how to love effectively. For those women who have suffered alone, cried out for hope and searched for help, the struggle is over as the Warrior Wife Series, which is led by Dr. Kristina Seymour, is here for you!

By the end of this series, participants will gain:

  1. A better understanding of the essential spiritual principles that support healthy marriages.
  2. More insight into the unhealthy thinking patterns that often interfere with a woman’s ability to love herself and love her husband.
  3. More positive self-statements and positive strategies designed to foster healthier communication.
  4. The opportunity to connect with other women who are experiencing similar marital challenges; thus reducing the sense of isolation and loneliness.