Have you felt that distractibility or impulsivity has interfered with you reaching your full potential? If so, then allow BMG to utilize our clinical expertise and innovative technology to help you find answers.


BMG understands the difficulty associated with making the decision to pursue clinical therapeutic services. Typically, when therapeutic services are sought, individuals are at a juncture in their life where the need for clarity and a plan of action is paramount. As such, BMG utilizes a session-limit solution-oriented therapeutic approach where there is an emphasis placed on understanding the presenting concern as well as devising an action plan. Specialty clinical areas include: depression management, anxiety management, and cultural trauma management.

Our Process

 BMG views therapy as an active collaboration between the clinician and client. Both parties work together to identify the presenting concern, devise a treatment plan, and monitor the progress towards meeting the specific goals.

Getting Results

Therapeutic results are often measured by the reduction of distress coupled with the ease and consistency of implementing the necessary cognitive and behavioral changes that foster one’s ability to reach his or her optimal potential.


BMG offers culturally responsive clinical services to individuals, couples, and families.


We offer specialized training and professional development to help our clients expand their potential.


We provide behavioral health consultation services to organizations, communities, and professionals.

See Our Work

By providing assessment, consultation, and training services and products, BMG is committed to helping individuals, communities, and organizations thrive.


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