Buffering Burnout

Have you felt that distractibility or impulsivity has interfered with you reaching your full potential? If so, then allow BMG to utilize our clinical expertise and innovative technology to help you find answers.


Burnout, which has been defined as a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion resulting from persistent stress, has been an ongoing serious problem for many helping professionals (Blazer, 2010). When burnout persists, it can have significant consequences for the workplace such as frequent absenteeism, employee leave of absence, and/or employee resignation.


Our Process

With the onset of the pandemic where there was an abrupt change in routine, a reduced engagement in stress-relieving activities as well as an increase in workload responsibilities, the prevalence of burnout for helping professionals, which include but not limited to educators, healthcare workers, therapists, law enforcement, became even more salient. BMG strives to provide trainings that address the burnout phenomenon of health professionals by providing essential tools and strategies that help reduce the severity of burnout.


Getting Results

BMG has developed “Buffering the Burnout,” which is a burnout reduction program for helping professionals. This program aims to do the following: (a) To increase awareness of warning signs of burnout (b) To identify contributing factors for burnout (c) To teach helpful interventions that reduce the severity of burnout. Schedule an initial consultation for the Buffering Burnout program.

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