Buffering Burnout

Are you feeling overworked and overwhelmed? Have you felt unmotivated? Are you questioning whether you should continue in your current job or business? This session is for you! Register for the Buffering Burnout: A Burnout Reduction and Resilience Building Program.


Burnout, which has been defined as a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion resulting from persistent stress, has been an ongoing serious problem for many helping professionals (Blazer, 2010). When burnout persists, it can have significant consequences for the workplace such as frequent absenteeism, employee leave of absence, and/or employee resignation.


Our Focus

This course will help individuals learn essential coping strategies and techniques to manage and overcome persistent stress and burnout that may emerge for the workplace and from other environments.


While the prevalence of burnout can be felt in any profession, it is often more salient and pronounced among helping professions given that the cornerstone of their work responsibility is attending to the well-being of another person. Hence, the Buffering Burnout and Resilience Building Program can be especially beneficial for direct service providers, which include physicians, nurses, community health workers, therapists, mental health professionals, law enforcement, and educators. Additionally, because of the multifaceted nature of managing a business, entrepreneurs can also experience heightened burnout. Thus, this resilience building program can be quite helpful for entrepreneurs.


Getting Results


By registering for the Buffering Burnout Coaching Program, you will (a) learn how to distinguish between burnout and depression (b) gain clarity regarding the contributing factors for burnout (c) learn how to create and sustain appropriate boundaries to reduce stress and (d) learn effective resilience-building strategies to help reduce burnout.


  • Situational scenarios  and coping strategies to overcome stressful situations
  • Work, Life, Balance Scheduling Techniques (Getting want you need without all the stress)
  • Reduce Stress and Nourish your Body and Mind Plan  
  • Post-course follow-up and support through peer group cohorts and special gathering


  • Gain more effective stress and emotion regulation skills in professional and personal life
  • Improved task initiation and completion
  • Improved communication in relationships given stress reduction
  • Improved self-satisfaction, self-worth, and self-efficacy

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