Early Childhood Services


BMG provides early intervention to address any learning, behavioral, or communication concern of a young child increases the likelihood of the child reaching his or her optimal potential. Such early interventions typically require the full engagement and commitment of the parents/guardians, early childcare staff, pediatrician, and the helping professional of the child.

Our Process

We conduct assessments designed for children ages 3-6 to measure their: (1) Achievement Level (2) Readiness (3) Developmental Screening (4) Socio-emotional competencies (5) Behavioral competencies (6) Learning capacity. 

Getting Results

BMG offers Mental health consultation in early childcare centers. Such consultation can be implemented in either of two ways: Child/Family Centered Consultation Approach and Program-Focused Consultation. Our team works collaboratively with the program/center to identify specific issues engaging both the staff and families to design an intervention plan focused on an agreed-upon issue.

See Our Work

By providing assessment, consultation, and training services and products, BMG is committed to helping individuals, communities, and organizations thrive.


Early Education