Community Assessments

Culturally-responsive community assessments are used to identify and resolve an issue or problem with the goal of improving the quality of life as a whole community.


With over 15 years of clinical and community consulting experience, Behavioral Management Group, LLC continues to be committed to improving the state of communities. Community research is used to identify and resolve an issue or problem and to improve the quality of life as a whole community.

Our Process

A culturally-responsive approach to community evaluations and research maintains a core emphasis on the cultural context. It enlists the participation of community members who have been directly affected by the presenting concern as well as those who will directly benefit from implemented improvements. Behavioral Management Group, LLC has developed the I.M.P.A.C.T. Model to facilitate the community-based research and evaluation process for communities and organizations.

Getting Results

Step One: Collect knowledge and information. – Initiating communication and establishing partnerships with key stakeholders who will be involved in the needs assessment process should be conducted. Gathering pertinent information and identifying the goals and objectives of each relevant constituent will occur during this initial phase.

Step Two: Once initial phase of information has been conducted, determine the data collection method. Examples of data methodologies include surveys, interviews, focus groups, community forums, questionnaires, standardized inventories, and/or narrative story-telling.

Step Three. To have a clear action plan, it often requires defining a clear vision, mission statement, objectives, and strategies.

Step Four. Once the plan has been clearly defined, prepare to take action. Galvanize those who will be directly involved in the assessment and intervention process. Proceed with the execution on the identified action plan. Make necessary adjustments during this phase.

Step Five. Communicate assessment data results to the key stakeholders and integrate feedback.
Step Six. Track effectiveness and progress of recommendations and interventions stemming from the community assessment.

Clinical Services

BMG offers culturally responsive therapy and assessment services.

Vocational Services

BMG offers vocational psychological services to individuals, businesses, non-profits, schools and governmental agencies.

Consulting Services

We provide behavioral health consultation services to organizations, communities, and professionals.

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By providing assessment, consultation, and training services and products, BMG is committed to helping individuals, communities, and organizations thrive.


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