Cultural Trauma Management

Have you felt that distractibility or impulsivity has interfered with you reaching your full potential? If so, then allow BMG to utilize our clinical expertise and innovative technology to help you find answers.


As cited by the National Institute of Health, approximately 20% (one in five) of the American population live with a mental illness. Although the prevalence rate of mental health concerns between Whites and people of color is relatively similar, such mental health disorders are likely to last longer and go untreated for people of color. Repeated exposure to systemic social and economic inequities as well as repeated exposure to recurrent acts of violence against communities of color can often exacerbate the trauma response for people of color.

Our Process

 Addressing the cultural trauma that a member of a marginalized group can often be an emotionally difficult process for an individual. To help the client navigate, the therapeutic process will encompass the following: (a) clinician will provide psychoeducation on cultural trauma to help the client understand how this form of trauma manifests in one’s life (b) a session-limit therapeutic approach will be used to develop specific areas of focus and (c healing strategies will be taught to help the client cope more effectively.

Getting Results

Therapeutic results are often measured by the reduction of distress coupled with the ease and consistency of implementing the necessary cognitive and behavioral changes that foster one’s ability to reach his or her optimal potential.

Clinical Services

BMG offers culturally responsive clinical services to individuals, couples, and families.


We offer specialized training and professional development to help our clients expand their potential.


We provide behavioral health consultation services to organizations, communities, and professionals.

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